Simon Starling – Shedboatshed

Shedboatshed; 2005








“He’s interested in the creation of objects; he is a researcher, traveller, narrator. He looks at the way things got to be the way they are, and reasserts a human connection between processes we take for granted” – Rachel Tant.

This quote sums up the relationship between what I am exploring in my practice to Starlings, This investigation into the objects taken for granted. Not only do we investigate these objects for ourselves through our engagement in the creation or rebirth, but we also create a sense of status towards the overlooked and the ignored. The way the Starling strips back his pieces back to its primitive form/material is what is most interesting, he like me doesn’t see the potential in simply presenting an object but would much rather engage that object and go through a labour to create it, taking on the Marxist systems. As a result (through the labour alone) it presents this new? object with status that relates and highlights back to its original.


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